Monthly archives: October, 2018

CityDepot (bpost) to close more city hubs in Belgium


City logistics service provider CityDepot (part of Bpost) stops the activities in Bruges (B) last summer. Almost three years after the start, it turned out that there was too little volume to make the hub profitable. After just over two years, it turned out that there was not enough potential and that local retailers did not …

Analysis of freight distribution flows in an urban area

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Supplying the consumers and businesses in cities is a daily challenge. Among various existing city models, the so-called compact cities presently tend to have more pedestrian zones in cities, which consequently affect surrounding areas; limited parking areas, restricted access for traffic, difficulties to enter with goods, and even access difficulties for the neighbors who live in …

What is the potential for bicycle crowdshipping? Price of services is still a major issue

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Wicaksono, Satrio (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Transport and Planning) explored the potential for bicycle crowdshipping. This would be a potential alternative for future urban parcel deliveries. Understanding the supply and demand characteristics is essential for bicycle crowdshipping platforms to sustain its network of customers and couriers.

Delivering food for science?


When people see Jeroen Meijerink in his bright green ‘Uber Eats’ deliveryman outfit, they wonder whether the University of Twente (NL) scientist switched career paths. ‘No,’ answers the Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, ‘it’s part of my research.’

What creates healthy cities?


A high diversity in land use of neighborhoods may be beneficial for the physical and mental health of the inhabitants. If confirmed, this may be incorporated into urban planning, in particular regarding the diversity of green space. This is the conclusion of study amongst 4450 Dutch residents.