Monthly archives: February, 2021

Designing a new last-mile delivery vehicle for Picnic

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Picnic is an online supermarket currently operational in the Netherlands and Germany. Groceries are ordered from an app and delivered to the consumers using a light electric last-mile delivery vehicle. This vehicle is currently used for densely populated residential adreas and works well enough to support the current number of Picnic deliveries.

Thesis: the impact of growing e-commerce on last-mile trips

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E-commerce influences the logistic sector in different ways. The growth of e-commerce leads to more use of transportation but also results in more logistic efficiency of this transportation. The amount of consumers increases and also the demand per consumer increases. This results in shorter distances between the stops and more packages delivered per stop, which …

Unlocking the value in urban traffic congestion with intelligent traffic management


Dutch drivers and passengers waste 67 million hours each year in traffic congestion. In 2018, the cost to the Dutch society of road traffic—in lower output and productivity— totaled €4.3 billion. New technology solutions for intelligent traffic management, such as smart traffic lights controlled by predictive modeling software have shown their effectiveness in early applications.

US research: online stores adding alternative pickup locations and click-and-collect

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Bringg, a leading delivery, and fulfillment cloud platform provider released its 2021 Bringg Barometer: State of Retail Delivery & Fulfillment, which highlights findings from a recent survey of 1.000 US retailers and brands. The survey uncovered current strengths and weaknesses in online fulfillment capacity and variety of fulfillment services, and top fulfillment priorities for 2021.

On-demand food delivery: investigating the economic performances

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A paper by Arianna Seghezzi and Riccardo Mangiaracina focuses on on-demand food delivery (ODFD); the delivery of freshly prepared meals to customers’ homes, enabled by online platforms. In ODFD, a key process is represented by last-mile deliveries (LMDs): they directly affect customers (the delivery price influences their purchase intention), riders (the compensation drives their willingness …