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Picnic is exploring the smart grid

picnic smart grid

Dutch e-groceries company Picnic is taking responsibility for decreasing the energy footprint. Picnic’s mission is to: maximise energy efficiency, source electricity from 100% renewables and ensure that energy is used when supply is high and demand is low. 

Ford is testing self-driving delivery vans in Miami (US)

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Food couriers have recently joined truck and taxi drivers in the category of jobs that are most likely to be made obsolete by self-driving technology. Ford is currently experimenting with self-driving delivery vans in Miami since earlier this year. And more recently, Ford joined with Postmates to see how people ordering takeout food would interact with …

Brisqq (UK) is offering local-for-local same day delivery network to retailers

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London based Brisqq provides local logistics-as-a-service, enabling retailers to offer same day (or later date) deliveries and returns in 1-hour time slots (chosen by the customer). Their technology takes the pain out of delivery for retailers by connecting them with local, crowdsourced, freelancers, providing 100% visibility over deliveries and state-of-the-art security features.