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Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses in suburban neighborhoods in US

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Amazon reportedly has plans to open warehouses even closer to its customers. According to Bloomberg, Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses closer to neighborhoods in the US to help meet consumer demand for online orders. Unlike many of its warehouses, which typically operate in areas where they’re hardly seen, these facilities would shift closer to places like shopping …

Computational logistics at Dutch Picnic

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Online supermarket Picnic is revolutionizing the online food shopping sector in the Netherlands and beyond. They are celebrating their fifth year in business. Picnic delivers e-groceries to thousands of customers every day. To do so both efficiently and effectively, the Picnic’s distribution system needs to be as smooth as possible. 

Tesco testing drones in Ireland

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A Tesco drone delivery trial will test small items dropped off at customers’ homes within 30 minutes of ordering. Based at Tesco’s Oranmore store, in Ireland, the drones will deliver “small baskets” of goods to local customers. The drones, supplied by Manna, are flying at 80km/h, at an altitude of 80 meters, they can deliver …

New electric vehicle for Dutch food service supplier Sligro

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Dutch Sligro Food Group (food service) started the operational test of this unique vehicle that has been specially developed for sustainable and efficient urban distribution. The design is not based on an existing electric van or truck, but rather the other way around. Based on a vision for the future of urban distribution and functional …

The distribution network of Amazon and the footprint of freight digitalization

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The emergence of e-commerce is associated with a rapid shift in the commercial footprint towards distributional-based consumption. Through the analysis of the geographical expansion, market coverage, and functional specialization of Amazon’s distribution network, research by Jean-Paul Rodrigue underlines that digitalization has a pronounced impact on distribution networks.

FORS making city logistics safer

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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators that aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

UPS and FedEx to charge more for holiday deliveries in US

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UPS and FedEx shares jumped on August 11 after both companies said they are raising prices to boost profit and help manage the strong growth of B2C deliveries spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic. UPS plans to apply holiday season surcharges of as much as US$ 4 a parcel for shippers that send more than 25.000 parcels a week …