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London presents: the construction playbook

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The Construction Playbook (by Transport for London) sets out key policies and guidance for how public works projects and programs are assessed, procured, and delivered. The Construction Playbook captures commercial best practices and specific sector reforms outlining the government’s expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

FedEx testing innovative city logistics in Europe

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Europe is known for its historic cities that merge the old with the new. Medieval churches can stand next to a modern apartment building, keeping citizens in touch with their past while planning for the future. Now more and more cities are enacting progressive green transportation rules and regulations to make sure the future is …

GreenBattery makes construction easier and more sustainable


Dutch construction company, Heijmans uses GreenBattery instead of diesel generators on its way to zero-emission construction. Up until this year, music festivals were the main business for Dutch GreenBattery. As corona has effectively put a stop to that, the company has found new customers in the field of construction. Heijmans is now using batteries charged with renewable power …

The electric, hybrid and fuel cell light commercial vehicles market 2021-2041

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Businesses are recognizing that electrifying their light commercial vehicle fleets is not only a successful mechanism by which they can demonstrate their green ambitions, but is also, increasingly, a solid economic decision. The new IDTechEx forecast report “Electric, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Light Commercial Vehicles 2021-2041” provides a detailed twenty-year outlook for the uptake of electric …

China’s Cainiao goal is to deliver anywhere in the world within 72 hours for $3

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Cainiao, the $10 billion subsidiary of e-commerce giant Alibaba, says it is poised to transform worldwide trade. Cainiao’s plan to create a single ecosystem for all logistics firms across the world to plug into, allowing for the seamless transfer of goods between companies and jurisdictions. Cainiao envisages thousands of independent logistics firms can operate within its …

IKEA: “we’re not just changing the engines, we’re changing the entire business model”

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IKEA has a target of having 100% electric home deliveries by 2025. Vulog talked with Angela Hultberg Head of Sustainable Mobility at Ingka Group as she shares her insights into why sustainable mobility is key to future-proofing business and embedding innovation. Angela Hultberg: “We announced that in 2018, so we’ve been at it now for two years now, …

Dr. Oetker plans to take over German Flaschenpost for 1 bln Euro

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German family business Dr. Oetker plans to take over the four-year-old beverage delivery company The purchase price is €1 billion, the media say. The cartel authorities have yet to approve the takeover. Dr. Oetker can become number one on the German market in the fast-growing beverage delivery. Dr. Oetker started their own Durstexpress first, but …