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HelloFresh innovates last mile logistics in Netherlands


HelloFresh starts several innovations in fulfilment. In collaboration with FoodLogica, an Amsterdam startup in the field of sustainable logistics, the meal box service starts this month with a pilot project for delivering meals with refrigerated cargo bikes in Amsterdam. Additionally Hello Fresh offers customers the option to follow the delivery route from one half hour …

McKinsey on the future of last mile logistics


With the rise of e-commerce, consumer preferences have grown increasingly important in the formerly business-oriented parcel-delivery market. Large e-commerce players, as well as various start-ups, have identified last-mile services as a key differentiator. The variety of delivery options and the perceived quality of the delivery service are major decision-making criteria for online customers and hence …

PWC report on the future of the logistics industry


Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as digitisation takes hold and customer expectations evolve. These changes bring both risk and opportunity. New technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models; they’re also re-shaping the marketplace in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent. New entrants, whether they be start-ups …