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New ways of funding for future mobility

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Most governments rely heavily on revenue generated directly and indirectly by transportation. Everything from fuel taxes to parking fees, traffic violation fines, value-added taxes from vehicle purchases, subway and bus fares, and registration and licensing charges can provide critical revenue to maintain infrastructure, support public transit, and more. 

EU to focus on road safety: vision zero

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President Juncker has steered the course of action of this Commission towards a Europe that protects. Safety is fundamental to any transport system and must always be the top priority. Thanks to actions at EU, national and local levels, road safety in the EU has greatly improved in recent decades.

Pedestrians are reclaiming our cities

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In more and more cities pedestrians are reclaiming the city. They want clean air, healthy neighbourhoods safety, less noise and most of all: a space to enjoy! The next years urban planners will work on walkable cities. This will have a big impact on the design of cities and residential areas and the way companies …

EU guidelines on urban logistics policy making

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In the past two years, Ecorys supported the European Commission via the  ‘Study on urban mobility – Preparation of EU guidelines on urban logistics’. This study was led by a consortium formed by Ecorys, University of Antwerp, University of Lisbon, and Prof. Laetitia Dablanc.