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Oslo is going ‘car free’ making room for city logistics

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The Oslo Car-free Livability Programme is all about giving the streets back to people. Over the last couple of years, Olso has tested various solutions and initiatives whilst working with more long-term plans for Oslo city center. They have removed about 750 municipal street parking spaces to give pedestrians and cyclists better conditions in the streets, with …

City of London: zero emission city logistics in 2030

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The City of London will introduce a Zero Emission Zone ‘within the next Mayoral term’ to ensure 90% of vehicles entering the Square Mile are zero-emission by 2030. The measure is part of the City’s draft transport strategy, which sets a target of reducing motorized traffic by 25% by 2030, and by 50% by 2044 and …

TDA whitepaper on zero emission urban freight


Almost all global trade originates from, traverses or is destined for a metropolitan area. However, very few cities and countries addressed the issues related to urban freight. There is a need for accelerated development and adoption of sustainable technology solutions (electric vehicles, shift to urban rail, boat, cargo bikes). But it is equally important that …

BuyZET handbook: public procurement for sustainable transport

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For many European cities today, addressing traffic congestion and reducing transport related emissions of CO2, noise and harmful local pollutants, is a key priority. Cities are looking to reduce the number of motorised vehicle trips in the urban area, encourage a modal shift towards cleaner forms of transportation, such as walking, cycling and public transportation …

New freight action plan for London launched

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A plan to work with boroughs, businesses and the freight and servicing industry aims to transform how deliveries are made in London. A part of the Freight and Servicing Action plan, which was presented by the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL), includes offering more click and collect points at Underground stations.

Are zero emission zones fair?

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The Dutch Climate Agreement states that 30 to 40 larger cities in 2025 should have medium-sized zero-emission zones for city logistics. That should yield 1 Megaton of CO2. That may affect 40 thousand trucks and more than 250 thousand delivery vans. Even if there are enough affordable electric vehicles on the market in the coming …

Buyzet: how to include green requirements in public procurement?


The EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria are developed to facilitate the inclusion of green requirements in public tender documents. While the adopted EU GPP criteria aim to reach a good balance between environmental performance, cost considerations, market availability and ease of verification, procuring authorities may choose, according to their needs and ambition level, to …