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Research: buffering locations in retail deliveries

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Recent research helped a European retailer with the delivery of its daily goods operations. The challenge is the limited capacity of the transportation network in the Amsterdam (NL) area. This leads to very strict requirements for the delivery routing plans. In order to respond to this challenge, both an analytical model and a numerical method …

French E.VO.L.U.E initiative for efficient citylogistics

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The collaboration between the French associations Aslog, Institut du Commerce et Club Déméter has launched a joint initiative called Voluntary Commitment for an Efficient Urban Logistics (E.VO.L.U.E). By bringing together their teams, mobilizing their members and the pooling of their work and data, the initiative aims at building bridges with the territories by proposing solutions …

UK Magway developing underground parcel delivery network

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Addressing the environmental and infrastructure challenges caused by the growth in e-commerce deliveries, Magway has won co-funding support from Innovate UK via its Emerging and Enabling Technologies competition. Magway is a “delivery utility”, delivering parcels between distribution centers and consolidation centers via underground pipelines similar to those used by water, gas and electricity companies.

Sidewalk Labs: innovation in local deliveries

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An experiment in smart city design is being proposed in Toronto. Sidewalk Labs (Google affiliate) is partnering with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on a 12-acre site east of downtown with innovative concepts in local deliveries, waste collection and construction logistics.