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Research: understanding logistics sprawl

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In the last few years, the issue of the location of logistics activities emerged in the literature, in Europe, and in the US, especially from the perspective of logistics spatial dynamics as logistics sprawl. These issues of spatial dynamics question urban policies because they underline the lack of interest in freight in the planning process.

LeasePlan reveals most EV-ready markets

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Driving an electric vehicle is now a viable option in an increasing number of European countries but some markets are decidedly more prepared than others. Research carried out by LeasePlan for its EV Readiness Index 2019 looked at the maturity of the EV market (also including plug-in hybrids), the maturity of EV infrastructure, government incentives …

Hydrogen vehicles in city logistics: a TCO-analysis


A new paper by Sheffield University Management School progresses the discourse on hydrogen vehicles as viable strategic options for addressing sustainability concerns in city logistics, by undertaking a comprehensive total cost of ownership analysis. The outcomes from this study not only support the economic competitiveness of hydrogen vehicles but also analyze the implications of several future …

French Profilog model for local urban freight

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French Profilog is a tool that quantifies, for each municipality in the Ile-de-France region, the number of freight delivery and collection movements generated each week by the economic activities in the municipality. It also allows characterizing these movements according to several criteria.