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Can BIM support construction logistics?

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been hailed as a revolutionary technology and information management process that facilitates collaboration and more efficient design and construction processes through innovative 3D modeling software, open access to information and multidisciplinary integration.

Lessons learned from common carrier lockers systems in Seattle (US)

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As more delivery vehicles come into our city streets cities are looking for solutions to reduce freight-related congestion and improve the use of commercial load/unload zones. Among the possible solutions are common carrier locker systems (CCLS). The concept behind CCLS is to create the density that will allow carriers to leave parcels in one single secure, accessible area in …

MIMIC project: smart governance for urban construction logistics


The recently started JPI Urban Europe MIMIC project wants to demonstrate how smart governance concepts can be used as an aid in the construction and city planning processes to facilitate and support logistics to, from and on urban construction sites. The aim is to improve mobility and reduce congestion within cities and thereby reduce the negative …

TNO presents new model for air quality


Exposure to environmental pollution is thought to cause as many as 9 million premature deaths each year. The largest health impacts are associated with air pollutants and particulate matter in particular. The latter is thought to cause an average reduction in life expectancy of 6 to 12 months in Europe.

Analysis of freight distribution flows in an urban area

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Supplying the consumers and businesses in cities is a daily challenge. Among various existing city models, the so-called compact cities presently tend to have more pedestrian zones in cities, which consequently affect surrounding areas; limited parking areas, restricted access for traffic, difficulties to enter with goods, and even access difficulties for the neighbors who live in …

What is the potential for bicycle crowdshipping? Price of services is still a major issue

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Wicaksono, Satrio (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Transport and Planning) explored the potential for bicycle crowdshipping. This would be a potential alternative for future urban parcel deliveries. Understanding the supply and demand characteristics is essential for bicycle crowdshipping platforms to sustain its network of customers and couriers.

Delivering food for science?


When people see Jeroen Meijerink in his bright green ‘Uber Eats’ deliveryman outfit, they wonder whether the University of Twente (NL) scientist switched career paths. ‘No,’ answers the Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, ‘it’s part of my research.’