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Review: the adoption of green vehicles in last-mile logistics


Widespread adoption of green vehicles in urban logistics may contribute to the alleviation of problems such as environmental pollution, global warming, and oil dependency. A recent paper by Patella et. al. presents a comprehensive literature review on studies investigating the adoption of green vehicles in city logistics, paying specific attention to e-commerce.

Research on shared satellite-based last-mile delivery problems

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The paradigms of the on-demand economy and e-commerce let emerge, new business models, challenging the success of non-digital native companies. Delivery options are no longer driven by the supplier, but more and more influenced by the customers’ preferences, with a consequent disruptive impact on the delivery process, and city logistics in particular.

City logistics: a blockchain decision framework for collaborative parcel deliveries


The growth in e‐commerce has led to increased pressure within the courier, express, and parcel (CEP) sector to tackle the ‘last‐mile’ issue and come up with solutions that not only satisfy the customers, but also other stakeholders such as city councils and other regulatory bodies. Scholars have highlighted micro‐hubs and the associated horizontal collaboration as …

EIT Urban Mobility: how can cities tap into the potential of last-mile deliveries?

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Urban deliveries are a crucial cog of most supply chains. Are sustainable options like e-vehicles and cargo bikes making inroads? In this video, the environment and transport journalist Sam Morgan explores the potential of last-mile deliveries with the expertise of Morten Kabell, urbanist and co-CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation, and Adrian Hiel from Energy …

Research: using autonomous vehicles for parcel deliveries in cities

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Courier, express, and parcel (CEP) services represent one of the most challenging and dynamic sectors of the logistics industry. Companies in this sector must solve several challenges to keep up with the rapid changes in the market. In this context, the introduction of autonomous delivery using self-driving trucks might be an appropriate solution to overcome …

Research: improving nano store supply chains

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In developing economies, nano stores in urban and rural areas face different infrastructural, operational, and financial challenges. How can urban nano stores compete with supermarket chains as they enter the market? How can rural nano stores provide more services at affordable prices to sustain their operations?

TNO and CE Delft look at future of smart mobility: there is still a long way to go

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The combined development of different emerging technologies (e.g. smart sensors, blockchain, artificial intelligence) boosts innovations in smart mobility. The increasing pressure on achieving societal goals within the transport sector (e.g. decarbonization, improving traffic safety, reducing congestion) will be another driver for smart mobility. TNO and CE Delft report about it.