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Access over ownership: sharing economy logistics

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In recent years the tremendous power of digital sharing platforms and crowd-based access to existing assets has started to rewrite the rules of business for many industries. Smartphones and mobile technologies combined with shifting societal values are allowing companies with new business models to proliferate at unprecedented speed, scale, and valuation.

Everything you want to know about the UK parcel market


Working with parcel carriers in the UK, the FTC2050 project examines the potential for closer operational collaboration between carriers to reduce urban traffic and energy demand whilst maintaining customer service levels. The project evaluates to what extent collaboration can develop within a commercial setting or whether a 3rd party ‘Freight Traffic Controller’ (FTC) would be necessary …

Good practices in urban construction logistics

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The SUCCESS project presented a new report demonstrating the potential of the solutions developed by SUCCESS to be replicated and transferred afterwards. It consolidates 22 good practices observed mainly in European countries and USA to improve knowledge and understanding of the construction supply chain and logistics. 

London: how to stop the construction industry choking our cities?

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Poor air quality is now thought to be the cause of 40,000 deaths in the UK each year. But while cars and lorries have attracted most attention, less reported is the contribution of other polluters to the problem, particularly construction sites. According to the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory construction sites are responsible for 7.5% of damaging NOx …