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Research on crowd logistics: an opportunity for sustainable urban freight transport?


Passenger car occupancy has been falling for years. Partly empty vehicles on our road networks decrease passenger transport sustainability but also contain an opportunity for freight transport. Within crowd logistics, delivery operations are carried out by using passengers’ excess capacity on journeys that are already taking place, resulting in economic, social and environmental benefits.

The future of City Logistics in Paris (F)

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Paris wants to be a carbon-neutral city in 2050, thats recycles its waste, improves the water cycle, organises city logistics differently and has renewable energy resources. Achieving these goals engages Paris in a double revolution, both industrial and cultural. In this context, the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme (Apur) made a first prospective atlas of the Great Urban Services of …

CoE-SUFS presents webinars on urban freight


The Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Freight Systems (CoE-SUFS) is dedicated to investigating new ways of infusing sustainability and efficiency into the way businesses send and receive goods. The new $4 million center, recognized as a Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) Center of Excellence, is funded by the VREF through its Future Urban Transport research program.

How to organise living labs in city logistics?

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The field of city logistics can be characterised by its many local demonstrations and trials, that are quite often not lasting longer than the trial period. The number of demonstrations that continued and were implemented in daily practice is limited. Freight partnerships proved to be a good first step to engage stakeholders.

ICL 2017: New focus in research on city logistics

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About 100 scientists came to Phuket Thailand for the 10th International City Logistics Conference. The usual topics like urban consolidation centres, public procurement, cost and benefits of measures, e-fulfilment, the need to involve multiple actors and urban sprawl were presented. Also, some inspiring cases of local urban freight management programs in Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico …

SPICE: best practices in public procurement of ITS and alternative fuel technology

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The SPICE project aims to collect and disseminate the best practices in innovative procurement for transport and mobility projects in Europe. The best practices report presents 11 cases of innovation procurements in the transport sector from various countries in Europe. These cases cover a wide range of topics in four categories: Alternatively fuelled vehicles  Intelligent Transport Systems …