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The benefits of underground logistics systems

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New system dynamics research shows that, from a long-term perspective, the implementation of underground logistics systems (ULS) has high benefits for urban sustainable development. Simulation results show that ULS, as a supplement to the urban integrated transport system, can significantly improve urban traffic and logistics.

Does e-shopping replace shopping trips? Evidence from China

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With the growth of e-retailing, the question of how e-shopping affects shopping travel has attracted increasing attention. To date, however, research has failed to reach a consensus on this topic. Meanwhile, China, where currently the highest level of e-retail shopping in the world takes place, has not in the scope of previous studies.

Research: a simulation framework to evaluate city logistics schemes

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Urban freight transport is becoming increasingly complex. Many urban supply chains are composed of small and independent actors. For such actors, it is particularly difficult to efficiently organize the highly fragmented supply chains that they must deal with. As a consequence, a high number of transport movements is required to satisfy the high service level …

Research: public transport-based crowdshipping for city logistics

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A new paper aims at evaluating the environmental and economic impacts of a crowdshipping platform in cities. The study refers to the city of Rome and considers crowdshipping based on the use of the mass transit network of the city, where crowdshippers pick-up/drop-off goods in automated parcel lockers located either inside the transit stations or in their …

Waterborne city logistics. Is it feasible?

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Studying the local conditions for cities with canal infrastructure can contribute to a serious, potential, sustainable solution to deliver the last mile by electric vessels, which is beneficial to many stakeholders. A paper by van Duin et. al. explores whether a system of hub locations distributing goods across the water to the city of Amsterdam can …