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Smart procurement for better transport: SPICE project

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The SPICE project collects and assesses current practices of public procurements for sustainable transport and mobility projects in Europe, and shares good practices with other public procurers. The project aims to facilitate dialogues between public procurers and suppliers and develop recommendations on procurement procedures in order to enable fast adoption of innovative and sustainable technologies.

Research project DynaLOAD: planning and DYNAmic management of urban LOADing and unloading areas


The DynaLOAD project by the University of Rome Tor Vergata aims at developing methods and tools that supports city planners in planning delivery scenarios and in managing and controlling the occupancy of urban areas for loading and unloading operations. Traditionally, delivery areas are defined in order to answer local problems without knowing the consequences at the global …

IRU-report: the sustainable commercial vehicle of the future

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The International Road transport Union (IRU) published a report on the commercial vehicle of the future based on three scenario’s (short term, mid term, long term), in terms of improvements in CO2 emissions, safety and operational efficiency. The report presents a roadmap towards fully sustainable truck operations for long haul, regional delivery, and urban delivery. 

November 22-23, 2017: Light Electric Vehicle Summit in Rotterdam (NL)


With nearly 160 participants coming from 25 different countries and more than 70 high quality presentations, the first Light Electric Vehicle Summit in Barcelona last year was clearly a success. The Summit has achieved its objective and appointment is already made for a second edition in Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 22-23, 2017. For more information click here. Book …

City logistics in Amsterdam’s Oude Pijp district

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At the request of Connekt, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, EVO and LeanCargo Consultancy conducted research into deliveries in the Oude Pijp from April to August 2016. The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam District South both collaborated in the project. The purpose of the research was to map the characteristics of the different delivery …

Design guidelines for last-mile logistics structures


Research from Cambridge University reviewed LML-related literature in the areas of operations management and supply chain within a time span of 15 years since 2000 to 2014 to gather previously researched LML structures and the design variables. An initial survey into the literature on last-mile logistics (LML) structures revealed that, despite the significant LML innovations and …