Carrier cooperation: a case study in a Seville marketplace

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In recent years, a social phenomenon is emerging cooperation in city logistics. A new research paper by Jesús Muñuzuri, Alejandro Escudero-Santana, and Pablo Aparicio Ruiz is aimed at evaluating the circumstances under which transport cooperation is possible between different stakeholders operating in the same geographical area. The research was conducted in a marketplace situated in …

Is noise pollution the next big public health crisis?

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Research shows that loud sound can have a significant impact on human health, as well as doing devastating damage to ecosystems, David Owen writes in the New Yorker: “Scientists still don’t know everything there is to know about the effects of sound on living things, but they know a lot, and for a long time …

FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith about innovation

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Chief Executive spoke with FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith about emerging technologies and their place in global commerce. FedEx recently introduced the concept of the same-day robots and is building a $1.7 billion expansion out at the FedEx campus, where there will be a lot more automation there.