Amsterdam City Doughnut: moving towards a circular city

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The Amsterdam City Doughnut takes the global concept of the Doughnut, developed by Kate Raworth, and turns it into a tool for transformative action in the city of Amsterdam. It marks the first presentation of the holistic approach to ‘downscaling the Doughnut’, combining local aspiration with global responsibility. How can our city be a thriving home to …

Using trams for parcels in Frankfurt (D): the lessons learned

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Frankfurt University’s Research Lab for Urban Transport (ReLUT) and Frankfurt am Main of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) did research on the use of rail networks (trams) for city logistics. During a pilot, delivery processes were tested together with VGF and Hermes. The test has shown that it is technically possible to use a tram for parcel deliveries.

From home delivery to parcel lockers: a case study in Amsterdam

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E-commerce is still a strong growing segment with fierce competition among parcel delivery service providers. To stay ahead of the competitors’ innovation is necessary. Currently, parcels are being delivered with large delivery vans which will usually deliver single parcels to doorsteps of their customers. This so-called ‘last-mile delivery’ is the most expensive logistics activity. In …

Indirect stakeholders in city logistics business model development

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The importance of stakeholders in the development of a sustainable urban freight sector has been highlighted in recent research. Not all stakeholders have a direct link to the supply chain, but they may still play a role in creating sustainable urban freight initiatives. These stakeholders include Public Procurement Organisations, Facility Management Companies, Business Improvement Districts, and …

Approaching delivery as a service (DaaS)

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A paper by Marcel Huschebeck, Jacques Leonardi looks at the new city logistics business model of Delivery as a Service, a concept aiming at a more efficient, fast, and customer-oriented practice, linking IT solutions development, urban logistics operations, supply chain efficiency and new business models.