Monthly archives: October, 2017

New York mayor cracks down on e-bike delivery guys

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has announced a crack-down on 50.000 e-bikes delivering goods. At a press conference he complained: “We can’t have a situation where people feel unsafe crossing the street or even walking down the sidewalk. We can’t have a situation where someone is suddenly facing an electronic bicycle coming …

Voltia introduces EVXpert for evaluating electric LCV’s

Voltia wants help companies switch to e-mobility. EVXpert centralizes the best available information to enable decision makers to discover, analyze, and compare light commercial electric vehicles available on today’s market and choose the one that’s right for your operations. Check it out here. Unfortunately light electric vehicles are not yet seen as an option.

DHL Deutsche Post presents delivery robot

DHL Deutsche Post has selected the German town of Bad Hersfeld as its test site for a robot to accompany mail deliverers on their routes and carry their mail items. The project was announced at a joint press conference between the mayor of Bad Hersfeld, Thomas Fehling, and Jürgen Gerdes, CEO of the Post – …