Monthly archives: January, 2019

Sidewalk Labs: innovation in local deliveries

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An experiment in smart city design is being proposed in Toronto. Sidewalk Labs (Google affiliate) is partnering with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on a 12-acre site east of downtown with innovative concepts in local deliveries, waste collection and construction logistics.

Hydrogen vehicles in city logistics: a TCO-analysis


A new paper by Sheffield University Management School progresses the discourse on hydrogen vehicles as viable strategic options for addressing sustainability concerns in city logistics, by undertaking a comprehensive total cost of ownership analysis. The outcomes from this study not only support the economic competitiveness of hydrogen vehicles but also analyze the implications of several future …

IFC: climate investment opportunities in cities

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IFC (part of World Bank) estimates a cumulative climate investment opportunity of $29.4 trillion across six urban sectors in emerging market cities to 2030. The lion’s share of the opportunity is in green buildings ($24.7 trillion), covering both new constructions and retrofits, as cities race to accommodate their growing populations.