Monthly archives: November, 2020

China’s Cainiao goal is to deliver anywhere in the world within 72 hours for $3

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Cainiao, the $10 billion subsidiary of e-commerce giant Alibaba, says it is poised to transform worldwide trade. Cainiao’s plan to create a single ecosystem for all logistics firms across the world to plug into, allowing for the seamless transfer of goods between companies and jurisdictions. Cainiao envisages thousands of independent logistics firms can operate within its …

Cushman and Wakefield: delivering on consumer demands poses challenges for real estate


E-commerce has seen unprecedented growth. While many industries battled disruptions, e-commerce provides opportunity. E-commerce and logistics companies are accelerating planned innovation and restructuring initiatives to stay ahead of the curve spurring the implementation of three to five years of advancements in a span of just five months to keep up. “It’s akin to upgrading the …

Air quality in Europe is improving

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Better air quality has led to a significant reduction of premature deaths over the past decade in Europe. However, the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) latest official data show that almost all Europeans still suffer from air pollution, leading to about 400,000 premature deaths across the European continent.

Delivery drones: sustainable or not?

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Drone technology is evolving at a fast pace and has increasing potential to compete with more traditional alternatives in a number of sectors beyond retail and delivery. Drone technology has uncertain potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from e-commerce and the logistics industry and concerns over increased noise pollution and threats to wildlife.

Research: the dark side of city logistics in developing countries

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Despite an increase in academic research about city logistics in recent years, the topic of city logistics in cities in developing countries, where some of the world’s biggest metropolitan areas are located, is seldom addressed. A new article by Marei and Savy aims to appraise the unevenness of logistics development throughout the world, by comparing …

Alice presents roadmap to Physical Internet

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In response to the Paris Agreement, more and more governments, associations, and businesses are setting bold climate targets. As is set out in the European Green Deal, the ambition for Europe is to be the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. This will be achieved with a two-step approach designed to reduce CO2 …

Research: safe use of cargo bikes in city logistics

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The Dutch Top Sector Logistics follows the developments of cargo bikes as a sustainable logistics alternative in city logistcs. Currently, in most countries, there is very little legislation on the design of cargo bikes in general, let alone freight cargo bikes. There is a lack of standards, so manufacturers develop cargo bikes according to their …

Plans revealed for new city logistics campus in Amsterdam

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As a co-creation hub for innovations in how cities are supplied, the City Logistics Innovation Campus (CLIC) will work to improve urban livability in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Plans have been presented to create Europe’s first urban logistics campus in the Amsterdam Area. The 120,000 square-meter City Logistics Innovation Campus (CLIC) will be a hub for …