Monthly archives: April, 2021

WEF about the future of logistics real estate

The WEF presented a report on the future of real estate. In recent years, industrial portfolios have been dominated by logistics facilities as the double-digit growth of e-commerce (both B2C and B2B), coupled with the steady increase in consumer spending, has driven demand in the asset class ‘industrial and logistics’.

Service trip attraction in commercial establishments

Commercial traffic in urban areas has not received the level of attention it deserves. Notwithstanding recent research on urban freight trip generation, other components of commercial traffic, such as commercial service traffic, have been largely overlooked. This is ironic, as the service sector represents a major and growing portion of urban and metropolitan economies.

Research: possibilities for cargo trams in city logistics

Trams are usually used to carry passengers, but across Europe, there are some examples of using them for carrying freight (‘CarGoTram’ of Dresden, Germany and the ‘Cargo-Tram’ of Zurich, Switzerland). There are specific conditions that provide a possibility of using trams for cargo delivery in urban areas. They concern infrastructural, economic, and organizational issues.