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Zero-emission zones in the Netherlands: 2025, 2027 and later?

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From 2025 onwards, Dutch municipalities will have the opportunity to set up areas where only delivery vans and lorries will be able to drive emission-free. The Dutch government now offers clarity about the implementation of the climate agreement. State Secretary Van Veldhoven has reached an agreement with stakeholders from the transport sector, business associations, and municipalities. …

UK parcel delivery companies urged to swap large vans for cargo bikes

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Parcel delivery companies should consider switching to cargo bike schemes, a new report by the UK Local Government Association (LGA) suggests. The LGA, which represents councils in England and Wales, is calling for couriers to adopt environmentally friendly cargo bikes, which offer a cost-effective and zero-carbon transport option, for last-mile deliveries from local hubs to …

Shaping urban freight systems via a participatory approach to inform policy-making

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In the upcoming era of new technologies, a transport system is expected to be ‘more sustainable,’ ‘safer,’ and ‘more efficient.’ However, to what extent is this true? Based on the results of a series of stakeholder engagement workshops, a paper by Paddeu Daniela and Paulus Teguh Aditjandra explores the vision of different stakeholders about urban freight of the future.

A Guide for 21st Century Cities of Making

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The Cities of Making project releases its book ‘Foundries of the Future: A Guide for 21st Century Cities of Making‘. The book aims to show that despite perceptions, manufacturing is not in terminal decay in western cities. On the contrary, it is at the opening of a new chapter. Urban manufacturing and logistics is helping …