Monthly archives: May, 2021

Bringg report: the state of last-mile logistics

Based on a global survey of logistics and transportation leaders, the 2021 Bringg Survey Report State of Last Mile Logistics report examines logistics provider’s current pains and presents gaps between provider capabilities and current shipper demands. It also provides tips to overcome the challenges and facilitate long-term growth. 

Five questions about the future of pickup points

There are now more than ten thousand parcel pickup points in the Netherlands. In particular, in large cities, the share of online shoppers picking up parcels at parcel points is increasing slightly. In less urban and rural areas, there are initiatives for neighborhood hubs in private homes and parcel lockers in stores and at bus stops.

WEF: Net-Zero challenge for supply chains

WEF, co-authored with Boston Consulting Group, published a report for the Net-Zero Challenge: The supply chain opportunity. It showcases the opportunity that all companies have for huge climate impact through action to decarbonize global supply chains. Addressing supply-chain emissions enables many customer-facing companies to impact a volume of emissions several times higher than they could if they …

E-grocery: comparing the environmental impacts of online and offline

The growth of e-commerce has been accompanied by concerns about its environmental sustainability compared to that of bricks-and-mortar offline shopping. The media often considers e-commerce to be less sustainable despite the lack of conclusive studies to support this viewpoint. There are a few quantitative studies available in the literature that demonstrate that the differences in …