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Unlocking the value in urban traffic congestion with intelligent traffic management


Dutch drivers and passengers waste 67 million hours each year in traffic congestion. In 2018, the cost to the Dutch society of road traffic—in lower output and productivity— totaled €4.3 billion. New technology solutions for intelligent traffic management, such as smart traffic lights controlled by predictive modeling software have shown their effectiveness in early applications.

TU Eindhoven: bring the vaccine to the people

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A group of logistics experts from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the European Supply Chain Forum proposes to have the bulk of the corona vaccines brought to people’s homes and administered in their familiar environment. A hundred trucks outfitted for refrigerated transport with four to ten ‘jabbers’ should suffice. This is not only …

Vision 2050: ICCT strategy to decarbonize the global transport sector

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Starting 2021 it’s a good moment look forward to decarbonizing the global transport sector by 2050. Global demand for passenger and freight transportation continues to rise, driven by population and economic growth. As transportation demand has grown so too have carbon emissions from the global transportation sector. September 2020 ICCT presented an inspiring white paper on decarbonization. …

Five main trends in UK’s last-mile logistics

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Last-mile delivery has a big impact on two important logistic factors: the shipping cost of parcels and customer satisfaction. Don’t we all know the frustration with shipments not arriving in time and how this makes us feel towards the seller? So, what are the five main trends seen when looking at last-mile delivery in the …

New York City taxing online deliveries?

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A New York City lawmaker proposes $3 tax for online deliveries, to save the cities public transport (MTA) and check Amazon’s power. As the MTA faces layoffs and cuts to subway and bus services, Robert Carroll, a state lawmaker, is reviving a proposal to raise money for MTA by charging a $3 fee for every …

Cushman and Wakefield: delivering on consumer demands poses challenges for real estate


E-commerce has seen unprecedented growth. While many industries battled disruptions, e-commerce provides opportunity. E-commerce and logistics companies are accelerating planned innovation and restructuring initiatives to stay ahead of the curve spurring the implementation of three to five years of advancements in a span of just five months to keep up. “It’s akin to upgrading the …

Delivery drones: sustainable or not?

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Drone technology is evolving at a fast pace and has increasing potential to compete with more traditional alternatives in a number of sectors beyond retail and delivery. Drone technology has uncertain potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from e-commerce and the logistics industry and concerns over increased noise pollution and threats to wildlife.

City logistics: not the last-mile, but the first-mile is the issue


In city logistics, we often talk about the last-mile issue with the introduction of zero-emission zones and more and more restrictions on urban freight in residential areas and inner cities. We solve these problems with bundling, collaboration, wholesalers, and city hubs. However, these solutions cause new problems upstream in the supply chain. Not the last-mile, but the …