Monthly archives: October, 2020

Swedish tech startup Instabox secures venture capital deal

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Swedish logistics disruptor Instabox raised €36M funding; pushing its valuation to €100M. The investment round was led by Creades, a Swedish investor and London-based credit specialist CORDET. The new fund will be used to fuel further expansion of its smart parcel lockers in both the existing and new European markets. Also, it will focus on growing the …

Research: methodologies for impact assessment of on-site and off-site construction logistics

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Urban construction projects are essential in reducing the housing deficit of the latest urbanization trend. As such, construction projects contribute to more attractive, sustainable, and economically viable urban areas once they are finished. However, construction work and construction material flow activities cause severe negative impacts on the surrounding community during the construction process.

City logistics: not the last-mile, but the first-mile is the issue


In city logistics, we often talk about the last-mile issue with the introduction of zero-emission zones and more and more restrictions on urban freight in residential areas and inner cities. We solve these problems with bundling, collaboration, wholesalers, and city hubs. However, these solutions cause new problems upstream in the supply chain. Not the last-mile, but the …

Simacan about improving delivery with rich data

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Rob Schuurbiers of Simacan explains how their platform technology, cloud-based connectivity, a wealth of rich data, and intelligence algorithms contribute to improving delivery services. With Simacan end-users in home delivery will experience the maximum customer satisfaction. And a happy customer is a returning customer…

Zero-emission zones in the Netherlands: 2025, 2027 and later?

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From 2025 onwards, Dutch municipalities will have the opportunity to set up areas where only delivery vans and lorries will be able to drive emission-free. The Dutch government now offers clarity about the implementation of the climate agreement. State Secretary Van Veldhoven has reached an agreement with stakeholders from the transport sector, business associations, and municipalities. …