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MIT: e-commerce leads to lower emissions


With e-commerce setting records during the 2020 holiday season and package deliveries forecast to grow by 80% over the next decade, a new study by the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab reveals the tangible environmental benefits of online shopping versus bricks-and-mortar.

Would customers be willing to use an alternative delivery concept for the last-mile?

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B2C e-commerce is still one of the fastest-growing marketing channels yielding less bundled direct-to-consumer deliveries. Last-mile deliveries cause costs and emissions especially in urban areas with a high density of online customers. Therefore, stakeholders in the context of last-mile parcel deliveries are interested in implementing efficient, innovative, and ecological last-mile concepts.

Research: strategic 3D printing in a city logistics context

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Recently, 3D Printing (3DP) has started disrupting transportation worldwide by providing enormous simplifications to transportation requirements, especially in the context of city logistics. In the near future, the potential exists to replace multi-echelon transportation hubs with integrated city logistics and 3D printing manufacturing hubs. 

Research: cost‐optimal truck‐and‐robot routing for last‐mile delivery

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During recent years, several companies have introduced small autonomous delivery robots and evidenced their technical applicability in field studies. However, a holistic planning framework for routing and utilizing these robots is still lacking. Current literature focuses mainly on the logistical performance of delivery using autonomous robots, ignoring real-world limitations, and does not assess the respective …

Micro depots: the smart delivery challenge

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Last-mile logistics is both a source and cause of problems in urban areas, especially problems related to traffic congestion, unsustainable delivery modes and limited parking availability. In this context, multiple sustainable logistics solutions have been proposed. A paper by Rosenberg et. al. focusses on micro depots (MDs), which can function as a consolidation center and …

On-demand food delivery: a literature review

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Due to its success and the significant complexities behind it, the on-demand food delivery (ODFD) business has been gaining the interest of academics. ODFD is the delivery of freshly prepared meals from restaurants to customers enabled by online platforms. The purpose of a paper by Seghezzi et. al. is twofold: first, to review the extant …