Monthly archives: January, 2021

A guide to planning city logistics with cargobikes

A new guide equips readers with inspiration for moving cities towards cycle logistics cargo bike hubs. Though there’s nothing particularly new about cargo bikes, the world has seen a growing trend in using them for a plethora of different purposes, one of these being for deliveries around cities.

Dutch Parcls gets funding for role-out of white label pick-up-points in Amsterdam

The Amsterdams Klimaat- en Energie Fonds (AKEF), Rabobank, and current shareholders – with a total capital investment of 1.7M – have made it possible for Dutch to open a hub in every neighborhood of Amsterdam. With the fifth hub opening soon in Amsterdam West, already has reach of 360,000 households in Amsterdam and Nieuwegein. Households now have the option …

Amazon opening a regional urban parcel hub in Amsterdam region

Amazon is to open a new delivery station in Schiphol, the Netherlands to provide the fast and reliable delivery Amazon customers ‘love and trust’. To meet the increasing customer demand and add capacity and flexibility to its delivery network, Amazon will open its own delivery station and will start working with small and medium-sized independent local …

Remote diagnostics keeping fleets on the road

Remote diagnostics, available from vehicle manufacturers and technology suppliers, are helping companies better manage truck maintenance. UPS has found the system reduced fleet downtime by identifying needed repairs and streamlining maintenance. Remote diagnostics services enable fleet managers to monitor engine fault codes and maintenance issues while the truck or van is on the road.

MIT: e-commerce leads to 36 percent less emissions

With e-commerce setting records last year and parcel deliveries forecast to grow by 80 percent over the next decade, a study by the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab reveals the environmental benefits of online shopping. Using average emissions results from the MIT study, the share shift to e-commerce resulted in approximately 2,4 percent fewer emissions per parcel.

Urban waste is a new challenge for city logistics

Recycling activities are complex and involve many actors. Recycling supply chains are under increasing pressure due to higher volumes of waste and rising requirements regarding the treatment and quality of the secondary raw materials. The global generation of municipal solid waste is estimated to be two billion tons per year.

Aggregate delivery tour modelling through automated vehicle monitoring data

Freight vehicle origin-destination (O-D) matrices play a key role within the assessment procedures of city logistics scenarios, and simulation of delivery tours allows such O-D flows to be obtained. A recent paper revisits a modelling framework for simulating delivery tours using an aggregate approach of implementing a real test case using the global position system (GPS) …