Monthly archives: September, 2020

Picnic plays it cool: a data-driven cold chain for e-groceries

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Delivering fresh groceries to customers is a challenge, even more so in the summer months when ice cream needs to remain perfectly frozen and the outside temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius. To succeed in this challenge, Dutch e-groceries company Picnic has numerous operational processes in place. On their blog, Picnic Engineer Floris Boekema shares how they …

Green Postal Day: PostNL announces emission free last-mile by 2030.

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On 18 September, Green Postal Day, 15 international postal companies reflected on the progress achieved by the postal sector in reducing CO2 emissions. Since 2008 the participating postal companies have collectively brought down their CO2 emissions by 31%. Dutch PostNL wants to deliver all parcels and letters in the Benelux region emission free in the last …

SEEV4-City key reports available

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The objective of the Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the City (SEEV4-City) project is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources, and encouraging take-up in cities. The SEEV4-City project key reports are available. Head to the publications page for the latest reports.

Roland Berger: designing city logistics for the future

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City logistics is more dynamic than ever before. Every month a new startup surprises the market with innovative solutions for the delivery, collection, or storage of goods. In short, city logistics is increasingly influencing the evolution of the modern city. Experts from Roland Berger and RWTH Aachen present their vision on designing city logistics for …

Obstacles to the adoption of electric vans in France and UK: an operator perspective

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Since the mid-1990s European urban freight transport has undergone several major changes with a direct impact on vehicle use patterns. These include freight vehicle downsizing and the dieselization of van fleets (light commercial vehicles or LCVs). Recently, a new possible trend has started to emerge, related to alternatively fuelled LCVs for reducing air pollution emissions …

Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses in suburban neighborhoods in US

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Amazon reportedly has plans to open warehouses even closer to its customers. According to Bloomberg, Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses closer to neighborhoods in the US to help meet consumer demand for online orders. Unlike many of its warehouses, which typically operate in areas where they’re hardly seen, these facilities would shift closer to places like shopping …

Computational logistics at Dutch Picnic

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Online supermarket Picnic is revolutionizing the online food shopping sector in the Netherlands and beyond. They are celebrating their fifth year in business. Picnic delivers e-groceries to thousands of customers every day. To do so both efficiently and effectively, the Picnic’s distribution system needs to be as smooth as possible.