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What to do when addresses and entrances don’t match up?

Confused delivery drivers add time, cost, and frustration to deliveries. Much of this confusion comes from addresses and entrances not matching up exactly. Tech companies want to close the data gap between an address and a completed delivery. From accurate point-to-point navigation, finding unaddressed locations, assisting emergency and humanitarian organizations to help people in their …

Delivery poverty: should we be worried?

New delivery services are popping up like mushrooms. Dutch Jumbo is going to deliver with Gorillas. Bol delivers with its own delivery bikes, and HelloFresh is stronger than ever. However, critics argue that all this will not work out. Home delivery will never be profitable. The costs are too high, and competition is cut-throat. However, …

Webinar: gaining insights from urban freight data

Last week a webinar focused on US and European research efforts to gain deeper insights from urban freight data, with a particular focus on how freight data has supported the development of urban freight plans and other technical documents, stakeholder engagement, and infrastructure investments.