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New WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines aim to save millions of premature deaths from air pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, alongside climate change. New World Health Organization (WHO) Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) provide evidence of air pollution’s damage to human health at even lower concentrations than previously understood. The guidelines recommend new air quality levels to protect the health of populations by …

Air quality in Europe is improving

Better air quality has led to a significant reduction of premature deaths over the past decade in Europe. However, the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) latest official data show that almost all Europeans still suffer from air pollution, leading to about 400,000 premature deaths across the European continent.

Lockdown did not reduce PM2.5 air pollution in Scotland

The significant reduction in vehicle journeys during the COVID-19 lockdown did not reduce the level of toxic fine particles in Scotland’s air, according to experts at the University of Stirling. Analysis of fine particulate air pollution (PM2.5) in the first month of restrictions found little change despite a 65 percent reduction in the number of …

Caeli: how to measure air quality accurately and real time?

Air pollution? There are many models predicting air pollution levels. But, models are nor very accurate nor precise. Dutch company Caeli is the source of air quality and environmental data that enables businesses and individuals to make better decisions based on air pollution levels. Caeli provides solutions where artificial intelligence meets sensor data from multiple sources.