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Sensors securing sustainable digital urban logistics

The transport of goods, equipment, and waste to, from, in, and through urban areas (city or urban logistics) is essential for the economic vitality of the city but, at the same time, makes urban environmental and social targets more difficult to achieve The European Green Deal and the UN Sustainability Goals also challenge the ways …

Big data in transport: societal and ethical issues

A new report by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme ‘Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges, and limitations’ identifies and examines various societal and ethical issues that are relevant to the production of, access to, linking of and re-use of big data in the transport sector.

Webinar: gaining insights from urban freight data

Last week a webinar focused on US and European research efforts to gain deeper insights from urban freight data, with a particular focus on how freight data has supported the development of urban freight plans and other technical documents, stakeholder engagement, and infrastructure investments.