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How can the Physical Internet help with sustainable city logistics?


This week the International Physical Internet Conference 2019 (IPIC 2019) takes place in London. IPIC 2019 aims to provide an open forum for researchers, industry representatives, government officials and citizens to together explore, discuss, introduce leading-edge concepts, methodologies, recent projects, technological advancements, start-up initiatives, for current and future Physical Internet implementation.

Research: combining traditional and green business models

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Parcel delivery has been subject to significant paradigm shifts over recent decades, caused by urbanization. The economic development in the mid-1990s led to the rise of faster-growing medium-large-sized companies that specialized in the delivery of small parcels, giving birth to the Global Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) market.

Oslo is going ‘car free’ making room for city logistics

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The Oslo Car-free Livability Programme is all about giving the streets back to people. Over the last couple of years, Olso has tested various solutions and initiatives whilst working with more long-term plans for Oslo city center. They have removed about 750 municipal street parking spaces to give pedestrians and cyclists better conditions in the streets, with …

TDA whitepaper on zero emission urban freight


Almost all global trade originates from, traverses or is destined for a metropolitan area. However, very few cities and countries addressed the issues related to urban freight. There is a need for accelerated development and adoption of sustainable technology solutions (electric vehicles, shift to urban rail, boat, cargo bikes). But it is equally important that …

Conference: climate friendly city logistics in the Nordics

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CLOSER and the Swedish Transport Administration organize a lunch-to-lunch conference on 29-30 October at Lindholmen, Gothenburg. Within the framework of the projects DenCity and Attractive and climate-smart transport in cities, both with a focus on climate-smart and sustainable mobility in the dense city, we want to invite you to a two-day conference that will be characterized …