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London riverboat deliveries to Guy’s Hospital

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust started a pilot with a daily riverboat delivery. This service would help Guy’s and St Thomas’ work towards reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and support the Mayor of London’s aim to reduce the number of lorries and vans entering central London in the morning peak by 10% …

CTP acquires Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub for 300 mln euro

CTP, a top-five industrial property developer in Europe, announced the acquisition of the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) with a net transaction value of €307 million for 100% of the shares of this single asset. The XXL city hub in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam is currently being constructed. Upon completion (end of 2022), will comprise …

Research: Opportunities for integration between Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and freight transport

A new paper explores the potential integration of freight transport into a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) environment. MaaS is a user-oriented service concept providing door-to-door mobility solutions for people. It integrates services of multiple providers, enabling searching, booking, and payment through a single digital platform. Although MaaS is often presented as a great opportunity …

Digital smart zones help manage crowded urban streets

Exploding demand for curb space in urban areas has inspired new technologies like ‘digital smart zones’ that help cities manage those narrow but increasingly valuable tracts of real estate. Allowing delivery trucks to automatically reserve the precise chunk of concrete they need (two minutes from now or for the next two hours) helps keep traffic …

Flash delivery in Amsterdam is causing problems

Delivery companies such as Gorillas, Getir, and Zapp promise to deliver groceries within 10 minutes even 24 hours a day. In recent months, these companies have hired hundreds of new couriers to deliver on the promise of fast hyperlocal delivery in Amsterdam. The popularity of these fast shopping services is growing, but so are the …

Service trip attraction in commercial establishments

Commercial traffic in urban areas has not received the level of attention it deserves. Notwithstanding recent research on urban freight trip generation, other components of commercial traffic, such as commercial service traffic, have been largely overlooked. This is ironic, as the service sector represents a major and growing portion of urban and metropolitan economies.

Prologis: location, not rent, is the top priority

The global pandemic has forever altered the logistics real estate landscape: supply chain decisions have become more holistic, more data-driven, and more urgent than ever. Underlying this shift are the same forces (urbanization, digitalization, and demographics) that have changed the way we live, work, and shop.

Research: strategic 3D printing in a city logistics context

Recently, 3D Printing (3DP) has started disrupting transportation worldwide by providing enormous simplifications to transportation requirements, especially in the context of city logistics. In the near future, the potential exists to replace multi-echelon transportation hubs with integrated city logistics and 3D printing manufacturing hubs.