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Picnic: using data-driven driver coach for road safety


Michiel Muller of Dutch e-groceries company Picnic tackles traffic safety firmly. And, with results. In an interview with MONO-zakelijk he says: ‘In our view, safety starts with exact measurement and knowledge: having the right data. If you want to deliver efficiently, you have to work efficiently. So you need to know exactly how such a …

Review: the adoption of green vehicles in last-mile logistics


Widespread adoption of green vehicles in urban logistics may contribute to the alleviation of problems such as environmental pollution, global warming, and oil dependency. A recent paper by Patella et. al. presents a comprehensive literature review on studies investigating the adoption of green vehicles in city logistics, paying specific attention to e-commerce.

Vision 2050: ICCT strategy to decarbonize the global transport sector

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Starting 2021 it’s a good moment look forward to decarbonizing the global transport sector by 2050. Global demand for passenger and freight transportation continues to rise, driven by population and economic growth. As transportation demand has grown so too have carbon emissions from the global transportation sector. September 2020 ICCT presented an inspiring white paper on decarbonization. …

City logistics: a blockchain decision framework for collaborative parcel deliveries


The growth in e‐commerce has led to increased pressure within the courier, express, and parcel (CEP) sector to tackle the ‘last‐mile’ issue and come up with solutions that not only satisfy the customers, but also other stakeholders such as city councils and other regulatory bodies. Scholars have highlighted micro‐hubs and the associated horizontal collaboration as …

EIT Urban Mobility: how can cities tap into the potential of last-mile deliveries?

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Urban deliveries are a crucial cog of most supply chains. Are sustainable options like e-vehicles and cargo bikes making inroads? In this video, the environment and transport journalist Sam Morgan explores the potential of last-mile deliveries with the expertise of Morten Kabell, urbanist and co-CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation, and Adrian Hiel from Energy …

The electric, hybrid and fuel cell light commercial vehicles market 2021-2041

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Businesses are recognizing that electrifying their light commercial vehicle fleets is not only a successful mechanism by which they can demonstrate their green ambitions, but is also, increasingly, a solid economic decision. The new IDTechEx forecast report “Electric, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Light Commercial Vehicles 2021-2041” provides a detailed twenty-year outlook for the uptake of electric …

German research: don’t blame webstores for city congestion

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Delivery vans stopping everywhere, waiting trucks, and more and more traffic in the city. Will the continuing growth of online commerce lead to congestion in cities? MRU, a consulting firm specializing in the courier, express, and parcel logistics industry, did research on behalf of the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association (Bundesverbandes E-Commerce und Versandhandel …