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Roland Berger: designing city logistics for the future

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City logistics is more dynamic than ever before. Every month a new startup surprises the market with innovative solutions for the delivery, collection, or storage of goods. In short, city logistics is increasingly influencing the evolution of the modern city. Experts from Roland Berger and RWTH Aachen present their vision on designing city logistics for …

Obstacles to the adoption of electric vans in France and UK: an operator perspective

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Since the mid-1990s European urban freight transport has undergone several major changes with a direct impact on vehicle use patterns. These include freight vehicle downsizing and the dieselization of van fleets (light commercial vehicles or LCVs). Recently, a new possible trend has started to emerge, related to alternatively fuelled LCVs for reducing air pollution emissions …

New electric vehicle for Dutch food service supplier Sligro

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Dutch Sligro Food Group (food service) started the operational test of this unique vehicle that has been specially developed for sustainable and efficient urban distribution. The design is not based on an existing electric van or truck, but rather the other way around. Based on a vision for the future of urban distribution and functional …

UK parcel delivery companies urged to swap large vans for cargo bikes

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Parcel delivery companies should consider switching to cargo bike schemes, a new report by the UK Local Government Association (LGA) suggests. The LGA, which represents councils in England and Wales, is calling for couriers to adopt environmentally friendly cargo bikes, which offer a cost-effective and zero-carbon transport option, for last-mile deliveries from local hubs to …

LEAD – Low-Emission Adaptive last mile logistics through digital twins


The LEAD project will create Digital Twins of urban freight networks in six cities in TEN-T urban Nodes, namely Madrid (Spain), The Hague (the Netherlands), Budapest (Hungary), Lyon (France), Oslo (Norway), and Porto (Portugal). These will test and represent different innovative solutions for city logistics to address the requirements of the on-demand economy while aligning competing interests …

Research: a systematic literature review of urban freight network design

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Urban reight network planning and the application of distribution innovations are popular fields of research on sustainable urban logistics. However, considerable research on freight network design lacks a comprehensive consideration of the application of distribution innovations. This observation implies that sustainable urban freight research appears highly fragmented in topics of network design and distribution innovations.

Simacan Last Mile Guidance: how it works

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Simacan has entered into a partnership with the Cornelissen Transport Group to further develop carrier-specific needs on a cloud platform for digital collaboration in transport and logistics. Part of the collaboration is the further development of turn-by-turn last-mile guidance that will enrich the information from existing onboard computer suppliers. The common goal is to register …