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What are the logistical challenges of using circular construction materials?

Circular construction materials have been reused or recycled to reduce waste and promote sustainability. However, while using circular materials in construction has many benefits, logistical challenges must be addressed. Some of the critical logistics challenges with circular construction materials include: Sourcing: Finding a reliable and consistent supply of circular materials can be challenging. It requires …

The digital potential in creating a circular construction economy

The construction and maintenance of housing, offices, roads, and other infrastructure represent the third-largest resource footprint in the Netherlands (at 32 million tonnes). The sector also accounts for the highest level of raw material consumption across all sectors (at nearly 29 million tonnes). Scenarios for creating a more circular construction economy have to date included …

London presents: the construction playbook

The Construction Playbook (by Transport for London) sets out key policies and guidance for how public works projects and programs are assessed, procured, and delivered. The Construction Playbook captures commercial best practices and specific sector reforms outlining the government’s expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

GreenBattery makes construction easier and more sustainable

Dutch construction company, Heijmans uses GreenBattery instead of diesel generators on its way to zero-emission construction. Up until this year, music festivals were the main business for Dutch GreenBattery. As corona has effectively put a stop to that, the company has found new customers in the field of construction. Heijmans is now using batteries charged with renewable power …

Governance models for sustainable urban construction logistics: barriers for collaboration

Urban construction logistics has a big impact on cities. A paper by researchers from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences looks at governance strategies for realizing more sustainable urban construction logistics. Practitioners have stressed the fragmented nature of the construction industry and the lack of collaboration in construction logistics as issues.

Research on emissions in urban construction

To achieve a more climate-friendly future practical steps need to be taken in the development and construction of cities. C40 Cities partnered with Arup and the University of Leeds to publish Building and Infrastructure Consumption Emissions, a report highlighting key opportunities to reduce construction emissions.

Sidewalk Labs: innovation in local deliveries

An experiment in smart city design is being proposed in Toronto. Sidewalk Labs (Google affiliate) is partnering with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on a 12-acre site east of downtown with innovative concepts in local deliveries, waste collection and construction logistics.

Zero emissions construction sites: why not?

Construction is a fundamental component of human civilization. It lies at the heart of economic and social development. The construction industry generates roughly 9% of European GDP and accounts for 18 million jobs. In spite of this, construction sites are also a major source of environmental and human health damage throughout all aspects of the …