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Research: vans versus bikes versus drones

Urban distribution in medium-sized cities faces a major challenge, mainly when deliveries are difficult in the city center due to: an increase in e-commerce, weak public transportation system, and the promotion of urban sustainability plans. As a result, private cars, public transportation, and freight transportation compete for the same space. A new paper by Serrano-Hernandez …

Research: taking truck-routing and drone-resupply decisions

Online customers expect faster delivery. Last-mile logistics operators normally deliver goods on the same day that they receive them at their local facilities, creating the challenge of planning delivery routes while simultaneously receiving new requests. Once delivery vehicles have started their routes, these operators commonly employ two strategies to manage the arrival of new orders: dispatch …

Delivery drones: sustainable or not?

Drone technology is evolving at a fast pace and has increasing potential to compete with more traditional alternatives in a number of sectors beyond retail and delivery. Drone technology has uncertain potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from e-commerce and the logistics industry and concerns over increased noise pollution and threats to wildlife.

Tesco testing drones in Ireland

A Tesco drone delivery trial will test small items dropped off at customers’ homes within 30 minutes of ordering. Based at Tesco’s Oranmore store, in Ireland, the drones will deliver “small baskets” of goods to local customers. The drones, supplied by Manna, are flying at 80km/h, at an altitude of 80 meters, they can deliver …

Dutch Avy wins Blue Tulip Award for drone technology

Dutch Avy wins a Blue Tulip Award for drone technology in the category mobility. Avy produces wing drones used solely for good causes. The Avy can be employed for medical deliveries and first response operations. Avy is autonomous and was designed for long-range, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions, while maintaining safety and compliance regarding …

UPS plans for private home drone delivery by 2021

UPS expects to expand private home drone delivery by 2021. UPS vice president Bala Ganesh said to Yahoo Finance UPS is working with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on what’s called an integration pilot program or IPP. Three key guidelines are coming together that will pave the way to …

Drones: emerging hardware opportunities

The drone market in recent years has completely changed character. A new report by IDTechEx demonstrates the hype is gone The price wars have also taken their toll with the Chinese winner having forced many to give their hardware (platform) play completely.

McKinsey outlook on future last-mile delivery ecosystems

McKinsey presents an updated outlook for the last-mile delivery ecosystem, given the rapid development in technology. How will technological advances affect unit economics, customers, and competitive dynamics? McKinsey sees examples of technology piloting and testing across the globe. But they also see the beginning of series productions and scaling of technology deployment by several companies.