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DHL about ECO-mmerce: how online retail can build the sustainable supply chain of tomorrow

E-commerce is fundamentally changing approaches to supply chain sustainability in the US, according to research published by DHL. A new white paper “ECO-mmerce: How online retail can build the sustainable supply chain of tomorrow” argues that the rapid growth of e-commerce is bringing immediate opportunities to reduce emissions within the supply chain while also challenging …

DHL: growing potential in B2B e-commerce

DHL Express released a Whitepaper “The Ultimate B2B E-commerce Guide: Tradition is out. Digital is in“. The paper predicts strong growth for the B2B E‑commerce market in the coming years. By 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions between suppliers and professional buyers will take place in digital channels.

July 16-18: EcommerceWiki Week in Amsterdam (NL)

On July 16-18 2019, join the Ecommerce Foundation and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (NL) on its event EcommerceWiki Week. It is a 3-day refresher course and summer academy in an Amsterdam. Get practical knowledge and insights about ecommerce with experts in their fields, on how to: attract new customers, convert them and how to make …