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A GPS-based approach to measure the environmental impact of construction-related traffic

Mobilise developed a methodological approach to derive construction-related truck kilometers on city level based on algorithmic and geospatial analyses of GPS data. Results show that large urban construction sites account for 26.4% of total HGV traffic in Brussels. Methodologies used so far make abstraction of traveled vehicle-kilometers (vkm), hence inadequately determining the true environmental impact …

Aggregate delivery tour modelling through automated vehicle monitoring data

Freight vehicle origin-destination (O-D) matrices play a key role within the assessment procedures of city logistics scenarios, and simulation of delivery tours allows such O-D flows to be obtained. A recent¬†paper revisits a modelling framework for simulating delivery tours using an aggregate approach of implementing a real test case using the global position system (GPS) …

Webinar: gaining insights from urban freight data

Last week a webinar focused on US and European research efforts to gain deeper insights from urban freight data, with a particular focus on how freight data has supported the development of urban freight plans and other technical documents, stakeholder engagement, and infrastructure investments.