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Research: a systematic literature review of urban freight network design

Urban reight network planning and the application of distribution innovations are popular fields of research on sustainable urban logistics. However, considerable research on freight network design lacks a comprehensive consideration of the application of distribution innovations. This observation implies that sustainable urban freight research appears highly fragmented in topics of network design and distribution innovations.

Fleet Europe: Here’s how last mile will innovate in 2020

Last-mile innovation is necessary. E-commerce continues to grow rapidly, technological innovation is enabling new solutions, and consumers are getting used to all sorts of high-tech delivery methods. So, what are the innovations in last-mile in 2020 according to Fleet Europe? Here are a few of the US pilots, products, and services that are being piloted already, or …

DHL: 95% of companies do not realize full benefits of digitalization technologies

Next-generation robotics, AI, AVs, blockchain, big data analytics and sensors are just some of the technologies disrupting the traditional supply chain. DHL launched its latest research report on digitalization in the supply chain. The report reveals that new technologies and solutions are developing at a fast-pace and disrupting industries on multiple fronts, with supply chains …