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Cargo bikes are a winner in parcel deliveries

Electric cargo bikes provide a cleaner, quicker solution for urban deliveries, but clearer regulations and banning fossil-fuelled vehicles are key to encouraging their uptake. These were conclusions of The Promise of Low-Carbon Freight report, which, using data from logistics operator Pedal Me, found that adopting cargo bikes not only reduced carbon emissions by 90%, compared with diesel …

The rise of light electric freight vehicles in the postal sector

In previous decades the postal sector experienced drastic changes. Liberalization and digitization resulted in a continuous mail market decline. Simultaneously the booming e-commerce parcel delivery market requires Postal Operators (POs) to rigorously restructure their delivery networks to reduce distribution costs. POs are evaluating synergy opportunities between the mail and parcel delivery network.

City logistics: light and electric?

A new publication presents the results of the LEFV-LOGIC project: a two-year research into the use of light electric freight vehicles for city logistics. In this project Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and HAN University of Applied Sciences, together with logistics service providers, shippers, vehicle suppliers, network organizations, knowledge institutions, …