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Research: from home delivery to parcels lockers in Amsterdam (NL)

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During the International City Logistics Conference, 2019 Ron van Duin (TUDelft, Netherlands) presented his research parcels lockers in the Amsterdam De Pijp district. Currently, parcels are being delivered with large delivery vans which will usually deliver single parcels to doorsteps of their customers. The last mile is the most expensive logistics activity. In the literature, it is proposed that …

Research: evaluating parcel locker systems in a car dominant city

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Automated systems enabling customers to pick-up e-purchased goods from designated 24/7 Parcel Locker pickup points are proliferating. While they offer the promise of improved access to goods and reduced travel for consumers and delivery vehicles, the integration of these systems in cities, and their impact on access, generally and by mode are understudied.

Are automated parcel lockers more sustainable and efficient? Maybe…

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Home deliveries are the preferred method of delivery for consumers today. But, due to the specific, costly nature of home deliveries together with changes within society e.g. people working longer and more flexible hours and the competition between logistics providers, new more sustainable alternatives are being implemented. Automated parcel lockers being such an alternative.