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Outsourcing the last mile: should regulation be strictly focused on the urban segment?

Because of the development of e-commerce and the reduction of shipment size, the parcel delivery sector is growing rapidly. However, faced with their client’s demands and constraints of urban cities (parking, congestion, delivery density), the parcel delivery groups have chosen to outsource their urban deliveries. This enables them to reduce payroll costs and implies economic …

Freight in urban planning and local policies in France

Since the French 1996 law “LAURE”, which first made it mandatory to include a freight transport policy strategy in urban travel plans, local authorities are expected to regulate and plan freight transport within their territory, using urban planning tools at their disposal. The objective of research by Adeline Heitz and Laetitia Dablanc, from the University of …

Performance based regulation: is ‘intelligent access’ the future in regulating city logistics?

The further development of local policies to stimulate more CO2-productivity in city logistics and a shift to zero-emission city logistics is inevitable: growing political and societal pressure demands it. This push can already be recognized in the existing variety of local regulations, customized to different local circumstances in different cities or parts of cities.