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Perceived safety of cargo bikes: a barrier against a greener future?

While cities focus on making logistics more and more environmentally sustainable by implementing “green deals,” the potential impact of the increase of cargo bikes remains unclear. A thesis by Groningen student Youri Meerstra investigates perceived safety that residents experience with a potential increase in cargo bikes, in this case, the residents of the inner city …

How can we make large trucks for urban freight safer?

Studies have shown that increasing the capacity of Heavy Goods Vehicles is one of the most effective ways of reducing fuel consumption per tonne-kilometer of freight moved, with consequent reductions in greenhouse and noxious emissions. Some of the disadvantages of larger vehicles are more pronounced in urban environments, including the safety of other road users, …

How safe is your urban freight truck?

Transport for London (TfL) has unveiled a star rating system for the direct vision that drivers have from the cabs of heavy goods vehicles. TfL has created a web site showing its interim star ratings for HGVs. The Direct Vision Standard will categorise HGVs depending on the level of a driver’s direct vision from a cab.