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Proximity for all: implementing inclusive 15-Minute City concepts

Researchers from Munich shed new light on the accessibility and inclusion debate in urban mobility. Taking Carlos Moreno’s 15-Minute City concept as a starting point, nurtured by the latest insights from recent experiments, the scientists developed a practitioner’s roadmap highlighting concrete steps to plan, develop and implement the 15-Minute City in a few neighborhoods but …

AIANY presents plan for city logistics in NYC

Each year, 365 million tons of freight move through the New York City area. While this flow of goods brings many economic benefits, it also raises complex challenges, especially at the middle-mile and last-mile segments of the delivery supply chain, contributing to traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, public health and safety issues, and the degradation …

A Guide for 21st Century Cities of Making

The Cities of Making project releases its book ‘Foundries of the Future: A Guide for 21st Century Cities of Making‘. The book aims to show that despite perceptions, manufacturing is not in terminal decay in western cities. On the contrary, it is at the opening of a new chapter. Urban manufacturing and logistics is helping …

Research: understanding logistics sprawl

In the last few years, the issue of the location of logistics activities emerged in the literature, in Europe, and in the US, especially from the perspective of logistics spatial dynamics as logistics sprawl. These issues of spatial dynamics question urban policies because they underline the lack of interest in freight in the planning process.

Logistics space: planning for a sustainable blueprint

The acceleration of economic globalization and integration has led to more logistics activities worldwide and changes in the spatial location of logistics facilities. The location of logistics facilities affects not only cost and efficiency of cargo transportation activities but also sustainability of logistics.