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Circular Foam project aims to boost recycling of insulation material across Europe

Closing the materials cycle for rigid polyurethane foams. This is the ambitious goal of the new pan-European “CIRCULAR FOAM” project. The EU-funded lighthouse project coordinated by Covestro, a world-leading polymer company, brings together 22 partners from 9 countries from industry, academia, and society. Within four years, they want to jointly establish a complete circular value …

Urban waste is a new challenge for city logistics

Recycling activities are complex and involve many actors. Recycling supply chains are under increasing pressure due to higher volumes of waste and rising requirements regarding the treatment and quality of the secondary raw materials. The global generation of municipal solid waste is estimated to be two billion tons per year.

E-waste: logistics eats circular supply chains for breakfast

More and more people are joining the global information society and digital economy, and are benefiting from the opportunities they offer. In parallel, higher levels of disposable incomes, urbanization, and industrialization in many developing countries are leading to growing amounts of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and, consequently, to greater amounts of e-waste.