EAV introduces quadracycle for last mile deliveries

Electric Assisted Vehicle (EAV) has launched a cargo bike which it says has been “engineered down” from a light commercial vehicle rather than “engineered up” from a bicycle. The EAV quadracycle can carry 150 kilos of parcels is peddled and steered like a traditional bike.

The quadracycle has an electric motor that enables the rider to press a switch to accelerate up to 6 mph. After that, there is electric assistance to make peddling easier.

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EAV has developed the P1 vehicle with DPD. Dwain McDonald, DPD’s chief executive said: “Not only does the P1 look amazing, but it is also incredibly smart, flexible and future-proofed. As a result, the P1 is perfect for UK city centers and we are really looking forward to adding it to our rapidly expanding zero-emission fleet in July.”

Source: CittiMagazine

Picture EAV Cargo

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