Amazon: e-cargo bikes to replace thousands of van deliveries in London

Amazon is launching a fleet of e-cargo bikes and a team of on-foot delivery staff to replace thousands of van deliveries on London’s roads. With their fleet of electric delivery vans, Amazon will make more than five million zero-emission deliveries to customers yearly across more than 10% of London Ultra Low Emissions Zone. Various Amazon partner businesses will operate the bikes, it is understood.

John Boumphrey, the UK country manager of Amazon, said to the Guardian: “Amazon is driving towards a global net-zero carbon future. One way we do that is through transforming our transportation networks. Our new e-cargo bikes, walkers, and growing electric vehicle delivery fleet will help us make more zero-emission customer deliveries across London and the UK in the coming months.”

E-cargo bikes directly replace thousands of traditional van trips on London’s roads and reduce traffic congestion. This is significant progress in Amazon’s ‘Shipment Zero’ mission to deliver 50% of Amazon shipments with net-zero carbon by 2030.

The supplier of the e-cargo bike is EAV. In December, EAV launched a cargo pedelec in 2019, which expanded to include more advanced uses, such as a refrigeration unit. In 2020, the company updated its lineup with the ‘2Cubed’ with a larger load volume. The recent funding, led by Hong Kong’s H+ Partners, may help bring the solution to (a broader) market. Nigel Gordon-Stewart, EAV executive chairman, said, “We’re delighted to have worked closely with the team at H+ Partners on this funding round, which allows us to keep pace with the growth and demands of the eCargo market and complete the development of our unique mid-mile urban van solution, LINCS.”

Picture: Amazon

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