Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses in suburban neighborhoods in US

Amazon reportedly has plans to open warehouses even closer to its customers. According to Bloomberg, Amazon plans to open 1.000 warehouses closer to neighborhoods in the US to help meet consumer demand for online orders. Unlike many of its warehouses, which typically operate in areas where they’re hardly seen, these facilities would shift closer to places like shopping malls.

The warehouses should help Amazon better fulfill its promises of offering two-day delivery as rivals like Target and Walmart, who use their physical stores to provide same-day delivery. The warehouses, which will eventually number about 1.500, will bring products closer to customers, making shopping online about as fast as a quick run to the store. It will also help Amazon take on a resurgent Walmart. Analysts expect underutilized retail space to make way for more e-commerce delivery hubs due to rising rents for industrial space, along with a surge in store vacancies, said Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg

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