Brisqq (UK) is offering local-for-local same day delivery network to retailers

London based Brisqq provides local logistics-as-a-service, enabling retailers to offer same day (or later date) deliveries and returns in 1-hour time slots (chosen by the customer). Their technology takes the pain out of delivery for retailers by connecting them with local, crowdsourced, freelancers, providing 100% visibility over deliveries and state-of-the-art security features.

Brisqq‘s algorithm selects the best drivers based on their location, suitability, reliability and rating. Solutions are available both in-store and online (Magento and WooCommerce plugins or easy integration by developers via the Brisqq API). Consumers get a link to their phones and can track their deliveries real time on a map.

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Brisqq is successful in London and growing rapidly and adding retailers to the platform daily. So far, close to a 1.000 retailers in London have signed up, including big brands such as fashion labels Needle & Thread, Agnes B and florist Jane Packer. Currently in London, Brisqq will be coming to other metropolitan cities in Europe soon.

“We want to be the most optimised, localised logistics system in the world,” says founder Andrew Mukerjee to In Your Area.

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