Deutsche Post DHL CEO Frank Appel about zero emission logistics in 2050

CEO Frank Appel wants to modernize Deutsche Post DHL Group from top to bottom. One of his ambitious goals is zero emission logistics in 2050. As no automotive manufacturer was interested in developing a suitable electro vehicle for Deutsche Post DHL Group, they decided to do it alone with StreetScooter.

Frank Appel: whoever is first will win

Frank Appel also knows how it can be achieved: “We need new technology, but we also need a strong demand. I am sure engineers will be smart enough to deliver accordingly.” As for DHL Frank Appel already sees a huge need. He is now looking for manufacturers that can support the goal “and whoever is first, will win. Consumers want convenient products that do not harm our planet. As a forerunner in climate-efficient green logistics, we fulfill that need by offering new city logistics solutions for clean pick-up and delivery.”


Source: Bosch Experts@IoT

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