Ducktrain filed for insolvency

DroidDrive GmbH (Ducktrain) filed for insolvency with the Aachen District Court. A lawyer was appointed provisional insolvency administrator and is now looking for new investors.

DroidDrive was founded in 2018 and specialized in developing a special transport vehicle for city logistics. It is the so-called Ducktrains a kind of electric trailer, which should automatically follow a lead vehicle. Readiness for series production and market launch are within reach. Using a viable restructuring concept, we will do everything possible to attract new investors.

Last year, tests were successfully conducted with extensive logistics and e-commerce companies in Europe, and there were pre-orders from customers for their vehicles. Social media can track visits from Hermes Logistics, Heijmans, and Deliver It, among others. Currently, 18 employees work at DroidDrive.

The Ducktrain consists of individual Ducks with containers. These have a payload of 300 kg per unit and can transport up to 1500 kg per vehicle. The company is now in the final phase of readying the first generation of vehicles for series production and plans to launch them in the second quarter of 2024.

Searching for investors: Delays in negotiations with potential investors led to financial difficulties and ultimately to DroidDrive filing for insolvency. The insolvency administrator aims to enable the company’s turnaround by attracting new investors, thus creating a positive future perspective for DroidDrive.

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