Dutch Foodlogica is out-of-business

Foodlogica is the only fully electric logistics service provider focusing on chilled solutions for the last mile. Foodlogica assists food businesses, such as clients of caterers, clients of food producers (hospitality), and clients of food box suppliers, primarily in Amsterdam.

Foodlogica has suffered some operational issues in the past period, resulting from a difficult time at Foodlogica. Although the company went through impressive growth in the past seven years, in 2023, it encountered several difficulties that affected its cash flow to the point of no return.

Foodlogica has tried to request their investors to support us further. However, current market conditions and lack of stability among the client base don’t provide enough security for them to help Foodlogica once again. Foodlogica has also requested other players and competitors to take over our operations, but the whole sector seems extremely risk-averse. 

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