How Amazon supports safety and decarbonization

In 2023, Amazon reached a milestone in delivery speed. Over 7 billion units arrived the same or next day, with over 4 billion in the U.S. and over 2 billion in Europe. Amazon collaborates with partners within the operational network to ensure safe and efficient package delivery to customers. Amazon’s commitment extends to keeping their employees safe and providing access to safety resources, training, and cutting-edge technologies.

Ensuring the Safety of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners (DSPs)

To enhance customer service, the primary aim is to establish the safest transportation fleet globally for the delivery partners. Amazon’s dedication to this vision is evident through the continuous pursuit of innovative safety measures. In 2023, Amazon invested over €180 million in safety technologies across the transportation network worldwide. Amazon introduced in-vehicle camera-based safety technology, which has yielded promising results.

Following the implementation of this technology, UK DSPs using it experienced a 27% reduction in collisions detected by March 2024 compared to March 2023. Moreover, there has been a significant decrease in unsafe driving behaviors among these DSPs, including a 73% reduction in the Insufficient Following Distance rate, a 57% reduction in the Speeding rate, and a 57% reduction in the Sign/Signal Violation rate.

Furthermore, Amazon has introduced AI-based Automated Vehicle Inspection (AVI) in Europe to enhance fleet maintenance for DSPs. This system conducts comprehensive vehicle inspections as vans return to their delivery stations, utilizing sensors and cameras to scan the vehicle and identify any issues swiftly. Currently operational in the UK and Germany, Amazon plans to expand these systems further this year.

Moreover, AI technology is optimizing the delivery experience for DSP drivers. Recent enhancements to routing and mapping technology include incorporating weather patterns into routing algorithms for better route planning on a local level. Additionally, the routing technology now highlights the outline of the next delivery building, facilitating precision in delivery. To further enhance safety, the Delivery App now alerts drivers to the presence of pets at customer addresses through a paw print icon.

Engagement of DSPs in Decarbonization Efforts

Aligned with The Climate Pledge, Amazon is committed to assisting partners in establishing a delivery fleet that contributes to the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions across operations by 2040. To realize this ambition, new electrification solutions must be developed, and alternative delivery methods must be adopted globally. Currently, DSPs operate thousands of electric vehicles worldwide, and Amazon has invested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure with plans for further expansion.

In 2022, Amazon announced plans to invest more than €1 billion over the next five years to electrify further and decarbonize the transportation network across Europe, which is expected to grow to more than 10,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2025. Alternate delivery methods, such as e-cargo bikes and on-foot deliveries, take traditional vans off the road, alleviating traffic congestion in city centers and improving air quality. In Paris, two-thirds of Amazon orders are achieved with zero-emission last-mile deliveries.

In addition, Amazon leverages AI to provide safe and efficient delivery routes and reduce delivery times by placing delivery stations and lockers close to the largest Amazon customer populations. This allows Amazon to work smarter based on decades of process improvement and innovation and to deliver orders both faster and more efficiently.

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