Nuenen (NL) automates the process of temporary traffic management

On July 29, 2019, the Municipality of Nuenen in the Netherlands started LTC Temporary Traffic Management. By automating the application process for temporary traffic measures, Nuenen saves valuable time. All requests for temporary traffic measures now also come in via one central location. 

This software solution saves considerable time and avoids conflict situations. All applications are processed and exchanged between parties in the same way. This improves the coordination and quality of services. It also encourages cooperation between contractors and other parties involved. In addition, all works are visible via a single platform for contractors and other parties.

Working with LTC TTM also offers benefits to contractors. This way there is always a current insight into the status of the application. And now the contractor knows much faster whether he can use the requested measure or not. Nuenen joins a good number of other Dutch (industrial) road authorities such as Woerden, Haarlem, Nieuwegein, Gouda and the Province of Groningen.

Source: LTC


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