PostRobots: future city logistics

A parcel robot is a new option for the delivery of millions of packages. That eternal parcel delivery terror with vans that cause inconvenience? Your bell that sounds again when your neighbor is not at home, but a package with a pair of new shoes is delivered? That will no longer be necessary if a robot delivers your parcels.

The Dutch PR1 (PostRobot number one) is a product from Last Mile Logistics from Oisterwijk (NL). The company developed the parcel robot together with the Norwegian Buddy Mobility and the Swiss Kyburz. Last week, PR1 was in Brabant for a few days, to introduce self-driving vehicles to parcel delivery companies. The prototype is an automated piece of art, almost 400 kilos clean on the hook and it runs at a maximum of 6 kilometers per hour. The consumers holds a barcode in the app for a scnaner and click, one of the 39 lockers opens.

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